《中国品牌 艺术名片》——访著名书法家巫师传

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导读: 《中国品牌 艺术名片》——访著名书法家巫师传 ...



籍    贯:广东惠阳人

职    务:中国书法家协会会员,深圳市书法家协会创始人之一,中国民族建筑研究会书画艺术专业委员会委员,历任深圳市书协一至四届理事、副秘书长、主席团成员。现受聘为深圳书画艺术学院教授。

Famous Artist: Biography of Wizards

Year of birth: October 1945

Origin: Huiyang people, Guangdong

Duties: Member of China Calligrapher Association, one of the founders of Shenzhen Calligrapher Association, member of the Calligraphy and Painting Arts Committee of China National Architecture Research Association, successive member of the first to fourth sessions of Shenzhen Calligrapher Association, Deputy Secretary-General and Bureau. He is currently employed as a professor of Shenzhen Academy of Calligraphy and Painting Arts.






Personal Resume: Biography of Wizard, Zishan Bamboo, Number Orange Mountain Man, Other Department Jilu. Young Chengjiaxue, Mr. Mai Huasan from Lingnan, specializes in grassland.

In 2006, Jilu Poems and Inks was published.

In 2011, the long volume of Youlan Fu was published.

In 2016, he published The Collection of Poetry and Calligraphy by Wizards.







Awards: In 1990 and 1995, he was awarded the "Shenzhen Dapeng Literature Award" for calligraphy for two consecutive sessions.

In 1997, he won the bronze prize of Guangdong Calligraphy Seal Carving Competition.

Participation: In 2001, a solo exhibition was held in Shenzhen.

In 2007, a solo exhibition was held in Huiyang District.

In 2016, a solo exhibition (tour exhibition) was held in Huizhou City and Huiyang District.





In Younian, it belongs to chicken. "Chicken crows at lunchtime". A baby croaks to the ground in the village of Julong Mountain under Tiefu Peak. Mr. Wulao couldn't help but name his grandson Shizhuan. "Teachers, preachers and professionals to solve doubts. The Hakka people respect their teachers and respect their ways. If their grandchildren can be teachers in the future, they will be lucky to be wizards.

Family origin, adhering to ancestral precepts, wizards have been involved in classical literature since childhood. In that passionate age, the wizard lived up to his ancestors'expectations and went to the pulpit. More than ten years of teaching career has created conditions for him to study classical poetry and ancient famous calligraphy. He made use of his spare time in teaching and laid a good foundation for regular script from Tang Kai. Then he went on to learn Wang Xizhi's famous posts such as "Snowy and Clear", "Wei Taiwei's Zhongxi's Thousand-Character Text" and Wang Xianzhi's "Thirteen Lines". Cold and summer exchanges, in the local has been a small well-known calligraphy enthusiasts.

In 1980, the sorcerer settled in Shenzhen and worked in the College of Education.  After many setbacks and being recommended by others, we finally met Mr. Mai Huasan, a representative of Lingnan School of Calligraphy, who is well-known in the world of calligraphy. They met at first sight because they were learning "Two Kings" together. Before visiting Mr. Mai Lao's bed, the sorcerer passed on his official worship and became a disciple of Mr. Mai Hua-san.



Later, the diligent and eager wizard biography decided to integrate the three calligraphic arts of Maihua, to learn from others, and then to write Wei tablets, and travel around the world. His footprints spread all over Xi'an Stele Forest, Kaifeng, Henan, Qubu, Shandong and other places where calligraphers gathered and exchanged with each other. As a result, his calligraphy matured day by day and gradually formed his own unique style. He is good at grassland, good at using the soft edge, full of ink, cohesion, one breath. His big character has a strong husbandliness, small character is full of fresh and elegant scroll spirit, won prizes in many calligraphy competitions, and became a true calligrapher.



Shi Chuanxi travels happily, and the famous mountains and rivers of his motherland provide him with good materials for his creation. He wrote many good couplets of poems: "Visiting Aihui History Exhibition Hall", "Treaties Unfair National Hatred, Remaining Steles of Ancient Trees" and "Touring Pattaya in Thailand", "Shadows of Buddha Guangzhao Temple, Signs Stepping on Coconut Wind", "Re Touring Guilin", "Guiyao Lijiang Moon, Lin Yanlu Wind", "Touring Huangshan Meet Snow" and "Songjie Ying Ying Ying" Accompanied, the peak increases danger and illusory hero","Hometown Journey"is the first work of the professionals to revisit the birthplace with tears, but not the home mountain for ten years", "Re-visit Guangxi Longsheng", "Half-built hanging-feet building by the hill, planted by the house with nameless fruit" and so on.





In the spring of 1986, Longhua Restaurant in Shenzhen was conscribed publicly, and a couplet written by a wizard said, "Huawei is a magnificent building with many high-ranking friends, commenting on heroes when they cook wine; Longtang is brilliant, with its luxurious guests filling the doors, tasting exotic and ascending the building." It stands out and takes off the laurel crown.

In the first spring of the 21st century, in response to the agreement of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Committee, a couplet was written for the Spring Festival reunion. The wizard biographies happily wrote, "Let's sing into the new era and welcome the Spring of the Century hand in hand".

In the winter of 2003, the couplet "Cuixiu Lingquan, Dragon Rock Holy Place melts into a thousand realms; Bodhi essence, Fayu Ciyun Ze four seasons", written by the wizard for the archway of Dapeng Guanyin Mountain Park, integrates the mountain color Zen with calligraphy, and the font is vast and vigorous, and the bone strength is miraculous. It shows the style of everyone who integrates the wheat body with the Wei stele.












The wizard was born under the orange hill. He was named Jirong Mountain man. His name was Jirong Mountain. He was called Jirong Mountain. He had been living in the lamp windows for dozens of years. The wizard's biography was accompanied by poems and books, and was related to calligraphy. Jilu's poem couplets and ink marks are all selected for their own poem couplets, which shows that their literary literacy and calligraphy art complement each other. He is honest and modest, lacking fame and wealth, rugged and arrogant, not humble, or visiting poetry friends in the mountains, or ordering sparrows in fresh water; he has excellent personality and Book collection. His life experience is just like what his poems say:

Modao's human happiness and sorrow,

Wins and losses are at their disposal.

The mountains and rivers are still me.

Who fears who in the world today?

Deepening ink in the morning and evening,

Tea tasting is drunk.

Dust clears the heart mirror.

It is the time when the scholar is happy.

Huang Jun's comment is "not lost in book life, but also stubborn and arrogant".





Mr. Wizard Chuan has a deep foundation of Chinese traditional culture and a reputation of "Southern Poetry". The essence of calligraphy is concentrated in cursive grass. The main characteristics of cursive books are reflected in the blending of Bei Bei and Nan tie, with their own learning and temperament. Less domineering, more bookish: less charming state, more powerful bone.

Wizard handwriting is good at all kinds of calligraphy, especially in grass. On the basis of Wang Xizhi and Yan Zhenqing, as well as the personalized elements of Ming and Qing Xingcao in Song Dynasty, Xiao Xijunyi's works are simple and easy. The unique feature of the calligraphy of the Wizard's Biography lies in the use of pens. With his elbow hanging high and his whole body working hard, he runs in paper with the center, sometimes turning sideways, laying equal stress on the middle side, giving birth to good quality and high-end writing, with large controllable spokes, which makes the turning more convenient and brings great space to the play of brushwork. At the same time, because of the wider perspective, it also makes the rules more comprehensive and less inappropriate. The use of Changfeng is also the key to the formation of the characteristics of wizard handwriting. His calligraphy lines, fat and not bloated, thin and not bare, setbacks, continuous reflection, to a large extent, played the strengths of Changfeng.

Mr. Wu's calligraphy is extraordinary, ambitious and dangerous. His books are scattered in size, often misplaced and distorted, giving people an unexpected feeling, but full of reason. This is precisely the marvellous point of taking the Wei stele as a whole and coming out of one's own mind.



Literary accomplishment is the inner merit of calligraphers. Literary accomplishment also acts on the creation of calligraphy and is complementary to each other. Nobody denies that literary content is the main content of calligraphy works, and couplets of poems and lyrics are often chosen by calligraphers. The emotional color and rhythm of couplets of poems and Ci-poetry should be consistent with the style of writing. Therefore, it is very important for calligraphers to understand the couplets of poems and ci-poetry, and even to create them. There are many calligraphers who can only copy the famous sayings and aphorisms of ancient and modern scholars, but can not write poems and conjunctions. Wizard's biography is full of both literary and literary materials, and he has a greater advantage in this respect. He is a well-known contemporary poet, first with the name of poetry over the literary world, and then with calligraphy attention to the world. Mr. Yan Shiju, a famous calligrapher, commented on it: "Brother Wu, Zhencao, Li Zhuan, is good at all kinds of physical abilities, especially grass. His Shuzong two kings, with a skillful pen, such as cone scratching sand, did not lose the shadow of Mi Xiangyang of the Song Dynasty. He used ink boldly and vividly, with the flavor of Wang Juezi in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties. He is an artist with both virtue and art.